• Client Cinepolis
  • Date 07-05-2015

This year Strada was commissioned by BMW to deliver most challenging but exciting projects to build BMW MINI brand experience. From the unveiling of new MINI f56 to Asia’s first BMW driving center MINI brand space design, Strada team tried to transform the definition of conventional auto marketing campaign to next level. BMW Driving Center: BMW MINI Brand Experience In August, 2014, BMW AG will open its first Driving Center in Asia to public, located in Incheon, Korea. The investment totals 75.5 million US Dollars up to 2020. Strada is proud to be a part of this exciting journey and create BMW MINI brand experience space with World’s first parallax interactive auto brand experience design engineering and provide sustainable contents & application service updates.


Starda believes that idea such as marketing or advertising strategy must to be transformed or translated into entertainment strategy, simply because people don’t want to be marketed or advertised anymore. Unlike a conventional auto brand experience showroom, we wanted people to feel like they are in high tech theme park or hybrid family entertainment center where people can play with various MINI characters. Most of all, Strada wanted to differentiate with car dealer space and ordinary brand experience center where most of projects use new media as a tool and end up with nice digital catalog display or video playing room. We believe that MINI has one the most unique characteristic in its class and Strada team wanted to create interactive environment where people can play with creature that is alive and entertaining.


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