#MINI Web renewal

  • Client BMW GROUP
  • Date 09-09-2015

‘Not Normal’ has been a marketing slogan for MINI for several years and BMW Mini Korea wanted to showcase its new MINI in totally different way.
Strada was commissioned by BMW MINI to unveil the new BMW MINI F56 with a game changing interactive entertainment design.  Strada’s strategy was created to convey the excitement of driving the new MINI rather delivering a conventional racing model photo session.


The platform was inspired by an F1 paddock, equipped with a 400inch LED, motion accelerator panel, motorized shutters and other Strada technical innovations.
Strada first engineered the paddock architecture with an interactive LED display and mechanical kiosk to simulate the excitement of cooper S driving.  The Strada team filmed 18 driving movies and special 3D effects to create the excitement of the New Mini driving experience.   Users are able to simulate actual driving sequences by choosing green and sports modes on the kiosk and pressing the accelerator to cruise 18 different locations, resulting in 3 different results based on the individual’s driving style.  At the end of experience, drivers can send their results to friends.
Unlike a conventional disposable event design, BMW MINI paddock is designed with mobility and sustainable parallax design for various MINI brand campaign needs in 2014.
MINI Paddock is an integrated new media platform that supports various MINI BTL marketing activities in various locations. Without major infrastructural reinvestment, MINI Paddock is designed for various new product updates and showcase for museum, pop up store and dealer promotion.



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