07 Jul

# SENSORY H 홀로렌즈 서비스

  • July 07, 2016
About Microsoft HoloLens

Holograms let you visualize and work with your digital content in relation to your real world, unlocking insights and capabilities.
Holograms enhance the real world.
Microsoft HoloLens can enable you to make decisions more confidently, work more effectively and bring ideas to life before your eyes.
This is mixed reality.
Mixed reality blends 3D holographic contents into your physical world, giving your holograms real- world context and scale, allowing you to interact with both digital content and around you.


Apps built for mixed reality
The first app for Microsoft HoloLens showcase the promise of mixed reality and share a purpose to inspire developers. Start creating and interacting with holograms in relation to the world around you.
App built for Microsoft Hololens.
See a few of the Hololens apps let you connect, create, and explore in mixed reality. Download all of these apps from Windows Store for Microsoft Hololens.

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